About Us

The voyage began in the winter of 2000 when deviating from the monotoneity of family business, a visionary stepped out in the ocean to create his own wave, and thus was visualized the concept "Yash Foods". The first step to tingle the food gland of Lucknow foodies was laid in Hazratganj with tryst with QSR, a novelty in Lucknow and rarity in the state. One end destination for all the foodies seeking Indian cuisines like Punjabi, North Indian, Mughlai, South Indian to Global Cuisine like Chinese, Continental, Italian etc, with high standards of hygiene and quality, the venture has become torchbearer for future entrepreneurs and a benchmark of professionalism with personal touch. The initial edifice of the vision also harbors Boutique Banquet in the cellar for exhilarating dining experience. The journey evolved as a mission with addition of 2 more stores in 2004 and further voyage with addition of four more stores in 2007. Yash means Fame while Aryan means Pure, the venture justifies it's nomenclature to the last letters. It has to be something to attract the Project designers of Multinational brands like Pizza Hut, McDonald's, KFC etc to incorporate Aryan Case Study to decide upon the viability and feasibility of their venture to step in Lucknow.

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